Owner’s Representation & Project Management

An owner’s representative or project manager works on behalf of the homeowner/building owner/co-op board. He leads and oversees construction projects and works directly with architects, designers and subcontractors. The goal: providing the client peace of mind by detecting problems before they occur; solving difficult challenges; being cost effective; preventing delays; and managing the project from start to finish.

At PG Kean, we provide a multi-disciplinary approach and fully integrated solutions to project management — including consulting, engineering, construction, procurement, professional management and coordination –all phases of a project from architecture to construction to design services. Paul Kean personally represents the owner and is responsible for the owner’s best interests. Paul has vast experience managing and dealing with difficult situations. His expertise is significant in the area of due diligence/forensics, in terms of evaluating the existing structure or mechanical circumstance. Thereby, he is able to save his clients time, money and aggravation.